Father Roberto Francisco Daniel excommunicated. Brazilian diocesan priest incurred, on his free will, in the very serious offense of heresy and schism.

In a surprising press release to the People of God, dated April 29, 2013, the Diocese de Bauru, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, said that Fr. Roberto Francisco Daniel betrayed his commitment of loyalty to the Church, which he had promised to serve on the day of his ordination to the priesthood. 

Fratres in Unum.com – The release adds that the Diocesan Bishop has tried a dialogue with him for a long time, with patience and pastoral charity, in order to overcome and solve the problem on a fraternal and Christian manner. When all initiatives to achieve a return to orthodoxy failed and in view of the good of the People of God, the Diocesan Bishop called a Canon Law expert and appointed him as Judicial Inquiry Judge to deal with this matter and apply the “Law of the Church”, since Fr. Roberto Francisco Daniel refused any dialogue and collaboration. The judge tried a dialogue with Fr. Roberto Daniel once more. He, in turn, reacted aggressively at the Diocesan Curia and refused any dialogue whatsoever.  The attempt took place before five (5) members of the Presbyters’ Board.

“He hurt the Church with his statements, which were deemed as very serious against the dogmas of the Catholic Faith and against the moral values, as well as because of his deliberate refusal to obey his pastor (obedience of which he had promised on the day of his priestly ordination), therefore, incurring in the serious offense of heresy and schism, the penalty of which, provided for in Canon 1364, first paragraph of the Code of Canon Law, is the excommunication pertaining said offenses.”

One of a Diocesan Bishop’s obligations is that of defending the Faith, the Doctrine and the Discipline of the Church and, therefore, we hereby communicate that Father Roberto Francisco Daniel can neither celebrate any act of divine worship (Sacraments and sacramentals), nor receive the Holy Eucharist, since he is excommunicated. As from this decision, the Judicial Inquiry Judge will start the procedures for the dismissal of the clerical state and send the criminal proceeding to Rome for dismissal confirmation.”

With this statement the Diocese of Bauru wishes to put an end to this story and asks prayers, so that the Holy Ghost enlightens Father Roberto Francisco Daniel and he may have the courage of humbleness to recognize that he is not the owner of the truth and reconciles with the Church, which is “Mother and Teacher”.

* * * 

Fr. Roberto Francisco Daniel, known as
Fr. Roberto Francisco Daniel, known as “Fr. Beto”.

Father Roberto Francisco Daniel has many of his sermons and interviews posted on Youtube, where he imparts his heretical points of view. In one such interview, asked if he believed that the position of the Church towards marriage and homosexuality would change, in order to be in line with social transformations, he replied as follows:

“I believe the Church should not change because of changes in Society. I believe She may change because of the knowledge of the very human being. The Church cannot be an institution that goes with fashion. Then, we are now capitalist continents, then, will the Church become a Capitalist? No! The Church needs to critically analyze what is going on in the society. And She must be humble to see that the Holy Ghost blows wherever He wants. He gives knowledge. God gave us human reason to know the world and the human being. If the human science has found out that today you cannot classify the human being as homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual (we should be simply classified as sexual beings), and that love may arise at any such levels, if science is reaching that point of leading us to such a level of awareness, the Church must study this very well, otherwise, She will commit a sin. Which sin? The sin of failing to love Her neighbor. I know how to love my neighbor at the time I know that neighbor.

Then the Church must change, indeed. She will have to change, but not because society has changed, but rather because science and the knowledge of human being evolved. We cannot throw away two thousand years of culture on human knowledge and remain repeating the things in the Bible, the sentences in the Bible, but that are fruits of whom? Not from the Holy Ghost. Sentences that are fruits of a certain age culture. We cannot do that.

In that same interview Father Roberto Daniel says that it is ok to have sexual relationships out of the wedlock, whether with another man or woman, provided that the other spouse knows and consents with it.

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  1. Eu acho triste ver um padre excomungado. E sinal de debilidade na formacao que os senhores bispos hoje gerenciam. Os maiores culpados por estas divergencias sao os senhores bispos que atuam de forma bastante contraditoria!


  2. Eu acho triste ver APENAS UM padre excomungado, pois com a fraquíssima, precária e mesmo corrupta e herege (de)formação que eles vêm recebendo há décadas (viva a Primavera!, viva o Cinquentão!) há muitos padres que já incorreram em excomunhão latae sententiae, mas a coisa não é declarada oficialmente e eles continuam matando as almas, levando-as para o seu patrão (o pai da mentira). Precisamos de mais excomunhões, inclusive de bispos, para limpar a Igreja, que está humanamente muito doente e acabada.


  3. I’m so sad to see once more how the Catholic Church is not following our Lord Jesus Christ mandate of loving and accepting everyone as they are.
    Father Roberto Francisco Daniel is a good christian and his message is in accordance with God and Jesus. The highlighted text in the article, which is supposedly his words, is by no means a wrong or bad message. Instead, it is a positive message that the Church itself should embrace.


  4. Mr. Carter, Jesus never accepted people “as they are”. Any shallow read of the gospels will show that Jesus not only asked but demanded that people repented and turned alway from sin.


  5. Last reader is right in his opinion; only orthodox faith should be accepted by catholic people; heresy must be rejected altogether. If the above mentioned priest is at variance with the Church, then he had better keep silence in the face of his flock, and retain exclusively for himself so odd standpoints as those. We have in truth had enough of it after the Vatican II Council opened up a Pandora’s box in the bosom of the Church. Let us now live in peace!


  6. Carter, it`s rather the opposite! Telling father Roberto he is wrong (something he is aware of) is loving him. The Church is doing nothing but what She was told to: to guard the Faith.


  7. Dear Mr. Carter,
    The Institute expresses the essence of excommunication from the church, which can not enter into negotiations when it concerns the authentic core. The church is not how civil society (democracy), where people can talk about whatever they want. We’re bound by faith. If someone professes something different this faith is excluding church. In practice, the church does not expel anyone. Only states that someone is excluded because the body of the faithful began to profess a different faith. I disagree with the ideas of Father “Roberto”. Since it has nothing to say to the post-modern man. What are the ideologies that move the world? Marxism? Socialism? Liberalism? Neoliberalism? Lost all credibility. Who has something to say? Religions and, especially the Roman Catholic Church!


  8. Mr. Carter… I am aware neither of your religious views nor political orientation. However, one easily grips that your understanding ihas absolutely nothing of Catholic… Alright, alright, let’s play ‘fair’ and ‘light’… Say it, generically, nothing of Christian.

    Let me explain for you, the plainest my limited intelligence allows me to do… Father Roberto, once ordained, accepted 3 vows… Chastity, poverty, and OBEDIENCE. One supposes he did this 150% accordingly to his very FREE WILL, Mr. Carter.

    Therefore, the Church – or, lightly said, mere Christianity – shall not and WILL NOT embrace such type of thoughts, ideas, and opinions of wide tolerance and ‘looooovee’ (as homossexual parades teach it).

    But, due to his vow of OBEDIENCE, (the former priest) Roberto should embrace the old, traditional, rightful, sharp, correct, free of errors teachings of the Church, which I bet he knows VERY WELL.

    It is not easy to be Catholic, Mr. Carter. This is not a sweet way, by human – decayed – nature. But this is the sweetest one can desire, by the supernatural. sanctifying power the Church offers by means of the Holy Sacraments.

    Which one did he choose? Our Lord or himself? You know that, you know that. The rest is just plain honesty towards oneself. Which one would you choose, if asked upon?

    I choose the cross.

    Agiós O Theos, Agiós Ischirós, Agiós Athanatós, Eleison Imas.


  9. “Faithful” like Ronn Carter is the reason why Catholic Church in North America is going downhill. Without “Catholics” like him, it would not be possible for Cardinals as Roger Mahony and Rembert Weakland to cause the damage they caused to the Catholic Church in USA. No wonder he is now supporting an heretic like Roberto Daniel, a.k.a “Father Beto”.


  10. No pain, no gain, Mr. Carter! Christ, Our Lord, has always welcomed repented sinners but He has never accepted sin.

    Sem dor, sem vitória, Sr. Carter! N.S.J.C. sempre acolheu pecadores arrependidos mas nunca aceitou o pecado.

    Um bom catecismo faz sempre um bem às almas, e parece que o Pe. Beto nunca leu uma linha de algum deles.


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